Advertising Pylon

Advertising Pylon

To attract more attention from the passing drivers, there a possibility to place an advertising pylon at the development plot. According to the existing zoning plans, it is allowed to build a 40 meters high pylon at the motorway side of the development plot. All Partners of the Logistic Port are able to rent advertisement space on the advertising Pylon.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity or about the combination advertising and development at the Logistic Port, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The land plot has a size of approximately 285,000 square meters. Within the existing and approved zoning plan there are 242,000 gross sqm available for development, and is divided into 2 zones.

Development Plot Wilhelmshaven

  • Conveniently and visible located along the main motorway A29 to Wilhelmshaven, located directly at exit Zetel
  • The land plot has a strategic location in the direction of ‘Ruhr-area’ northern and easthern Europe
  • Existing and approved zoning plans offer a wide variety of logistic-, transport- and truckstop related developments
  • Free of ground lease
  • Building permits can be obtained in short-term
  • Clean soil report