Development Plot Wilhelmshaven Excellent Location For Logistic, Transport and Truckstop near by the Jade Weser Port – Wilhelmshaven

Land Plot

Logisticport, 26340, Zetel, Niedersachsen, Germany
The Logistic Port land plot is located approximately 16km from the Jade Weser Port, directly at the exit ‘Zetel’, along the motorway A29 to Wilhelmshaven. The Jade Weser Port is Germanys only deep-sea water harbor. The harbor is able to accommodate
the world’s largest container ships.

Business park Logistic Port is conveniently and visible located. In addition to this, the A28 can be reached via the L815 federal road. (see potential route in blue) The Logistic Port is directly located at the exit of the shortcut from Zetel to Westerstede, this saves you 30 minutes in comparing with the regular route via Oldenburg (red route).

Logistic Port Route


Logistic Port offers a strategic location for the safe and fast freight handling in connection to the Jade Weser Port.


This well connected and visible location can fulfill all requirements for a full service truck stop


The completion of the JadeWeserPort has led to a new range of opportunities in the transport branch.

Entertainment - Hotel

There is a part of the Logistic Port reserved for entertainment related companies.

Car Companies

At the logistic port is there also potential to establish car-related companies.

Advertising Pylon

To attract more attention from the passing drivers, there a possibility to place an advertising billboard at the development plot.

Land For Sale

We also offer the opportunity to acquire a part or parts of this conveniently located land plot.

Development Plot Wilhelmshaven

  • Conveniently and visible located along the main motorway A29 to Wilhelmshaven, located directly at exit Zetel
  • The land plot has a strategic location in the direction of ‘Ruhr-area’ northern and easthern Europe
  • Existing and approved zoning plans offer a wide variety of logistic-, transport- and truckstop related developments
  • Free of ground lease
  • Building permits can be obtained in short-term
  • Clean soil report

The land plot has a size of approximately 285,000 square meters. Within the existing and approved zoning plan there are 242,000 gross sqm available for development, and is divided into 2 zones.

Excellent Location For Logistic, Transport and Truckstop

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